There is An End!

Winter worn tresses? There is an end, pun intended.

After a heartfelt evening of catching up with one of my most darling of gal pals, of course the conversation lead to hair. I can't shut up about the mop I carry around and especially in this brutally cold environment: enter the Great White North and it's bludgeoning effect on my poor candy floss do.

We had a good chuckle about being able to cut our ends with our fingers (scissors not required for such crunchy ends) and then the heavens delivered me a press release this morning about Bain de Terre's Jasmine Infused 2 minute Intense Conditioner.

It will be available by March and I can not wait to dunk my entire head into it. Perfect timing for the Spring ahead and at a suggested retail price of $13.25, I won't have to bust out my budget at the salon for a conditioning treatment.


Miss M


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